Leaving Hanoi

Time to leave Hanoi. Having the hell ride from Laos fresh in our memory, we thought it might be a god idea to try to go by train this time. Our hotel arranged the tickets and at the end of the day, shortly after sunset, we where put into a taxi with our heavy bags. A guy from the hotel drove along with his motorcycle and awaited us at the station. He payed the taxi driver and caried most of our stuff all the way to the train entrance. What a service! Without him we would probably be lost somewhere in an Hanoi gettho.

A few last snapshots from our hotel room.
Taxi rides are in itself an attraction.




Our beds in the night train to Hoi An for the next 13 hours. They were above expectation and even kind of clean. We couldn't say the same for the toilet. Of course Sanne managed to scratch her hand open exactly at that awful filthy toilet door, so we were a bit worried about her survival chances.
Sanne claiming her cosy corner of the room.
As it happened, we had to share our four bed cabin with a couple from Rotterdam. We were a bit luckier then those guys, being shorties instead of nearly two meter.

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