Bongeunsa temple

Compared to Japan the temples in Seoul are really scarce. Tripadvisor recommended the Bongeunsa temple and as it was only two metro stops from our Airbnb apartment in Gangnam, it was easy to do a quick visit on, again, a very hot day.

All kinds of animalesque status could be seen next to the stairs at the entrance of the temple. They all had their main feature, such as this pigs nose, painted in bright colours.
Many people where praying and a budist monk was chanting over the speakers, which gave a very relaxed atmosphere.
I think they where preparing for some kind of celebration.
Interesting contrast between the old temple buildings and the scyscrapers.
Interesting. In Dutch we might say "deze gast heeft een plaat voor z'n harses"


In this shed a very old looking bell was hidden. Must be very sacred I guess.

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